The songs that saved your life

Music saved my life when I was depressed and addicted, down and out and could only think of ending my life.

I listened to a certain song on repeat for months on end. Then another. Then another. These songs spoke to me, when I couldn’t even hear my friends close to me anymore. These songs are those rare, utterly particular and intruigingly strange beauties that saved my life.

We are a band called Moist Computers, Chris sings, Max composes, Severin produces and Thilo builds a stablebassfoundation. We make music and we want to save lives, hopefully yours too, should you need it. If you don’t need saving, that’s even better. Maybe singing to one of our songs will simply make your day better.

We want to make something beautiful, meant to help you to get out of bed when you can’t find a reason why you should. And we want to create something that uplifts you even further when you’re already savouring the highest highs of your days.

Right now we’re working on our debut. Up until the music we make is ready to be shared, we’ll be answering the questions you might have: Which songs helped us through the dark? And which songs make our happy moments even happier? Which songs simply make us feel something real?

And you, please share YouTube Videos or whatever you like to answer these questions as well:

  1. Which songs helped you through the darkest spots?
  2. Which songs make you happier and higher than a big phat sticky icky?



PS: In case you really are suicidal right now, please speak to someone. Really.

In Germany:
In the UK:
in the US:
or simply ask Google for a number. Someone will answer and listen to you. Maybe even hear you.



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