Chris’ Cabinet of Curiosities

I got this idea from Austin Kleon. Good man. Check out his work.

I have a wonderful record collection and brilliant books. I listen to loads of podcasts. So I’ll take this opportunity and introduce you, beloved and cherished reader, to what has moved, inspired, angered, aroused and transmorphed me.

Oh, and please send stuff you love to me. I’m always expanding my cabinet of curiosities.



3rd May 2016:

The new radiohead song. Wow. Thilo and I agree this could be there “A day in the life”, which is basically one of the biggest compliments you can give a song.


22nd April 2016:

I don’t have it hanging up in the physical space, but I love this painting by KO Götz. This dude is 102 years old as I write this and still creating. Big up, Karl Otto!


21st April 2016:

Here we are again. Happy as can be. All good friends and jolly good company.
Liked this video of the wonderful Nerdwriter. Enjoy!


6th April 2016

Moderat – II (Deluxe Edition) 

Saw this today at Max’s flat when we were recording “I want to see life” and thought I’d add something from outside my very personal cabinet. It’s all in the family.



5th April 2016:

Monty Python DVD Box

Who doesn’t need a Trojan Rabbit? Fun fact: I wrote my first (semi) scientific paper in school on “Social Criticism in Monty Python’s “And now for something completely different””, as a preparation for University. Good old Python. If you get a chance watch Spamalot, was a fun musical to see.



4th April 2016:

Steve Reich is one of the great revolutionaries of modern music, a great classical composer who influenced as different as Philip Glass and Ricardo Villalobos.

Violin Phase rocks! Warning: Do NOT listen to if you can’t handle a little repetition. 😉



3rd April 2016:

An old toy my dad had as a kid. I loved playing with it when I was a tot. Now my little ones find it hilarious. It stretches its tongue out, when you press on its hat.



2nd April 2016:

Really insightful, ear and heart opening read by a composer and teacher worth knowing. W.A. Mathieu and his “The Listening Book” today in my cabinet of curiosities.



1st April 2016:

Mr Amir – No Place To Go

Wow, can’t find any songs of this LP online for you to listen into, but is extremely affordable on discogs and very much worth ten times those prices to me. Bought it on a gut-feeling and even though I am not deep into reggae this one is definitely an overlooked gem.


31st March 2016:

Really good bio, good read and very interesting back-story to the Myth, the legend Mister Mister Ri. Back to the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?


Face the music, baby:


30th March 2016:

Beautiful record, beautiful music. Today’s pick: Mayer Hawthorne’s brilliant “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out“.



29th March 2016:

My favorite novelist, Tom Robbins. Just noticed I have quite a few of his books right here. Please read them for your own sanity, inspiration and joy. Start with “Jitterbug Perfume”. Enjoy!


28th March 2016:

Donny Hathaway – Live

A record that changed my life. Best live album I have heard so far. Listen to it in full here.

IMG_20160328_174048540 lores



Any links that send you to amazon are affiliate links, which means that I get a teeny-weens commission should you purchase things there via the links provided. Doesn’t cost you an extra cent, but I still thought you should know. Thanks for the support 🙂


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