Changed my mind


The first time I saw my now wife I thought “She’s beautiful. I could never be with her.”  don’t know why, but anyway, I changed my mind. Lucky me.

I used to love the thought of having a lot of money. Then I thought money was bad. I’ve changed my mind, yet again, better late than never.

I used to think that eating whole-grain foods was really healthy and that I couldn’t do without bread, because I love it so much. I experimented with not eating any grain-based foods. I changed my mind about pasta and bread. Yeah, they still taste fucking amazing, but, nah, I don’t need it. I’m living better without those foods now. (Eventhough I do occasionally enjoy my treat-days :))

Timothy Leary is supposed to have said something along the lines of: “you are as young as the last time you changed your mind.” I like that.

I was going to write about how hard I find it to change my mind, when my ego is attached to a certain perspective, idea or point of view. I struggle with that. I feel threatened to change my mind, even if new information unfolds. I was going to elaborate on how I step back and an detach and blablabla, when I looked out of the window and saw the trees sway ever so slightly in the wind. And I changed my mind.

Talking about plants… here’s a playlist I made with songs that somehow have to do with flowers. Pete Doherty meets J Dilla, Ben Harper Ash Ra Temple and Basement Jaxx rocks it with JJ Cale. Enjoy!

Love, Chris


Can you feel the rain?


(c) Domenic Driessen

They are drenched. They are young. They knew it might rain. Fuck it. Pack an umbrella (ella ella ey-ey) and go where they see people who are young and alive. It’ll be worth it.

We love the rain. Yeah, even you, you heat-seeking, beach-loving, sun-tanning weirdo (no offence). Once in a while even you need the cold wet. Everyone needs the sky to be grey sometimes. That’s nature’s way of saying “shut up and focus”. And: “Lie in bed, cuddle and, when it’s safe, whisper something to your cuddlee that is true to you, whisper ever so gently, darling!” She’s been telling us that a lot here lately in Mainz Germany, early June 2016. Thanks nature for reminding us.

Still not convinced you enjoy the rain? Maybe you really don’t. But maybe you like the idea of rain and what some people have made of it. All the great artists who were inspired by the rain: Painters, sculptors, probably some biomimics, the photographer Domenic Driessen who I want to thank for letting us use this wonderful picture. And of course musicians. Some are singing in the rain, others  are down and out by it.

It’s not the rain that decides how you feel. Sure, you might have a predisposition whether you like the rain or not. That’s fine. But rain itself doesn’t have the last word. You choose. In a desert I bet you’d welcome a storm after months of drought. Here (still Mainz, Germany) and now (still June 2016) most people feel they want the summer to really start.

But the people in the picture are in summer mode. They accept that rain has a place in it and get on with enjoying their lives.

I made a rain-playlist. Let me know which songs are your all-time, ultimate rain-tunes (I ALWAYS have to think of Ty – Rain first. When the drops start to fall, the chorus immediately plays in my head).

And check out Domenic Driessen. It’s worth it.

Enjoy the music. Maybe it’ll make you feel safe enough to look directly into their eyes and whisper something to that person, lying next to you, with their head on your pillow. You know, the one that you dream on.