the last share

Should everything I say be able to stand as the last thing I ever said?

Should everything I ever tweet, snap or post be able to stand as the last thing I ever shared publicly?

Bad questions to ask. Looks like I’m shoulding all over myself.

But the idea behind those questions is an intruiging one.

I love the book “The Art of possibility” by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander. It made me cry, I don’t know why, but it moved me. Anyway, in the book they tell the story of a woman who survived Auschwitz. When the Train that deported her arrived in Ausschwitz she looked down at her 8 year old brother and noticed one of his shoes had gone missing. She scolded him: “Can’t you look after your things?!?!”

That was the last thing she ever said to him, they were separated upon arrival and she never saw him again. After she survived Ausschwitz and went back into the world she vowed to make every word she ever spoke able to stand as her last words.

It’s a tall order. If we try we’ll all fail at it at times. But it could be a great north star for your intentions. As the Zander’s say, it’s a possibility to live into.

I started this post by writing some bad questions. Why were the questions bad? I don’t like the word “should”. It implies a disconnect with reality.

Maybe the better questions is “what would it feel like to have everything I ever say be able to stand as the last thing I ever said?” My guess is that I would feel the potency and the banality every moment has within it. That way I could still snap on snapchat ( <— add me there 🙂 ) about random stuff, as long as the intent behind the snap is one of love, joy or compassion.




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