Break – fast

Since posting about my sixpack experiment, things have been going down:

First, on the music-side: Thilo, Max, Seve and I got together and listened to the 40+ song-sketches for the Moist Computers album and we chose the 17 we wanted to explore further. This hugely excites me. Things are going fast. The album is taking shape. #whoop

Talking of getting in shape, let’s get on to the six-pack side of the story: Listening to the Model Health Show I found out more about fasting and immediately implemented what I learned.
I am now 36 hours into an intermittent juice-fast and feel good. Tomorrow up until the end of the whole six-pack experiment I will definitely continue the intermittent part of the protocol, the only juice part ends tomorrow, I wanted to give myself a 48 hour test-drive first. Feels good. Will do it again, probably the weekend before Uni starts again in two-weeks time.
If you haven’t heard of intermittent fasting yet, I basically only have an 8-hour window a day in which I eat. So from 10:30 to 6:30 is when I eat now. The times might shift when I’m back at Uni, but the 8-hour window remains the same.

I won’t starve. Chill guys. Do the research (you can start off here. I found it enlightening).

Now, it’s piano practice and then beauty sleep time.





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