Wanna bet? (Why do I do this to myself?)

So, here goes. I really don’t want to do this, because when I do this, there is no going back. I am outing myself as the vain and somewhat superficial duuuuude who has been hidden from you up until now.

I know, I know, on the outside I appear high-minded, as if blessed with God-like serenity, humility and grace and free from desires from the bleak and noisy outside world, at peace within my own self.

But the (admittedly handsome) outer appearance can be somewhat deceiving. I am insecure and I am vulnerable. I badly want people to like me.

One thing that pisses me off about myself is my bodily shape, kinda like a undefined blob of dough. It’s not worth mentioning not even to myself, neither too grossly gross nor ripped, somewhere in the realm of the unremarkable, the neglected, the uninteresting. Well, alls my life I someday wanted to be ripped. I know, it may seem too worldly a desire, too vain and, well, physical, but fuck it, it is what it is. Someday has come.

I haven’t seen my brother yet all year. He moved to Berlin, became a diplomat, but he’s coming back, so this is what I am aiming for: He’ll be there on my daughter’s birthday, 30th May and, baby, I will be sporting a six-pack. I want him to be like “woah!” Yes, so basic and so carnal are my desires, please make fun of me (I like it 😉 ).

So, wanna bet? Or do you want to join me?

All joking aside, I just registered with stickk.com, which is an accountability site. I put down 50$ which would be “donated” to my hated arch-rival Max Grosche should I not pull the stunt off.

Fuckzers, this is getting real. I am already regretting this badly.

If you want to support me (no money involved on your side, you get to laugh at me if I don’t succeed (but I will succeed, so fuck you for doubting me!) and you probably get to look at semi-nude pics of me (this is optional and obviously could be harmful to your psyche and eyes)) just go to stickk and you will be updated on my progress or lack thereof.

Now, you may be asking, ok, why on earth are you doing this and how do you want to achieve this feat?

So, first the why, or the many whys:

Why #1: I know that my ability to execute on my goals is closely linked to my health. If I am full of energy, I can put a lot of energy into my studies, the raising of my kids, work and the release of our album (coming June 12th).

Why #2: I want to reinvent what and how I think of myself. Because if I overcome this belief that says “I’m not the type to be ripped” then I prove to myself that I can overcome limiting beliefs.

Why #3: This way I’ll get to show my kids that I get to develop my body, that shaping yourself is an option you have.

So, how? Well, first with information. I’m going to listen to many, many podcasts of the model health show, because that is quite a nice way to brainwash yourself into fitness. Then with the aid of this book. That’s the plan. I will eat healthy fats, cruciferous veggies, cut down on processed carbs and sugars and work out. Basically that’s the plan. I will fly the plane and adjust on the way.

There you have it. The blogpost that will either get me ripped or that gives you the chance to laugh at me, forevermore.



PS: Should you buy this book through this link I will get a tiny commission, which won’t cost you an extra dime. Just thought you should know.


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