One click, one moment; captured. Next moment, next chance to capture something special.

I always admire visual artists and find them scary. They capture moments in time.

Musicians keep time, especially drummers do. Visual artists capture moments. It’s a small, but wildly important distinction. Keeping time and capturing moments, both goes hand in hand, but isn’t the same.

Same as it is fun to run, grasping tightly your beloved’s hand on a high-on-love night out, it is equally as much fun to, for a moment, let go of the other’s hand, jump onto the roof of a car, sing “Me and Bobby McGee” and “I believe I can fly” while grinning madly and piercing deeply in the eyes of your loved one and then to jump down and hold hands, tightly, ever so tenderly again.

Two artists whose ability to capture and create moments I love are Timothy Schaumburg and Joseph Kadow. Check them out. Again, here: Timothy Schaumburg and Joseph Kadow. Checked them out? Yes? Good!
I admire their respective eyes for movement in still moments, for shapes and expressions.

Joseph has a great dialog of images with another artist called Czar Kristoff. I looked at it a few times, showed it to my wife and we laughed a few times – other times we thought about the connections and about what we saw. Looking at those pictures in that succession is watching a real exchange happen.

To me, this dialog is musical. This isn’t just capturing individual moments, these moments have now been consciously composed. Some pictures take time to soak in, others you could flick by, they seem like an off-hand, quick, witty response to the prior pic. This composition has a rhythm to it. We are now in the realm of keeping time.

Today I took a hella loads of pictures of my kids in the park. It is easter sunday as I write this and it was a nice day to go out. After a while I lost a little interest in the next typical pic of my smiling cutie-pies for the grandparents to swoon over, but became more interested in the movement, shapes, stillness, very much inspired by the guys mentioned before (Timothy Schaumburg’s or Joseph Kadow’s  (Yes, I really hope you check them out and no, I don’t gain anything if you do)).

I, in no way, want to make the impression that I could ever play on their level of visual creativity. It’s not my ballgame at all. I’m freaking colour-blind. Talk about insecurities, visual art is something I feel incredibly intimidated by.

Still, I wanted to share this picture with you. Because it captured a, to me, lovely moment.





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