“Telephon” by Palais Schaumburg. What a simple song. Rocks my world! My 2 and my 3-year old can sing along to the entire song. We dance to it nearly every morning.

I really wonder what goes on in their heads when they hear someone sing “ich glaub ich bin ein Telephon” (“I believe I am a telephone”). They laugh, sing along and find it silly, when we’re dancing to it.

The song is from the early 80s. Nowadays everywhere we go, my kids see people staring at their phones. Sometimes we sing the song when we see someone absorbed by their device. It’s Funny. And weird.

Have these once dadaistic lyrics now turned into social criticism? Or simply into an observation? Or where they never dadaistic? I guess I interpret too much. But, to me, that is fun. At least when I observe myself think these thoughts. 

I only really wrote this short piece for you to check out the tune and dance to it. Dance, baby!

Je pense je suis un téléphone, romantique, petit téléphone.

In case you wondered: here is the live version. I saw them live in 2013 at a reunion concert in Festsaal Kreuzberg. They REALLY rocked. Felix Kubin danced his ass off beside me. Great night.




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