The ripples within

The new Josh Waitzkin interview on the Tim Ferriss Show hit me ultra hard when I listened to it today. His views on parenting, learning and high performance really resonated in my core.

Josh Waitzkin is a chess master and jiu-jiutsu blackbelt and simply so reflective, deep-thinking, he authentically seems to be a deeply feeling human being. What he spoke about is now, hours later, still expanding inside of me. This episode is definitely one to listen back to again for me.

Why am I telling you about this? Two reasons:

First I think anyone trying to live a fulfilling life will get immense value from listening to it. So listen to it now.

Second I’m fascinated by the ripples. Let me explain.

Since Gary Vaynerchuk’s new masterpiece, the #askgaryvee book just came out, I have already listened to it twice. It’s brilliant, anyone wanting to learn about hustle, wine, social media, definitely check it out! Gary Vaynerchuk is (as in “equals”) ultra-mega energy. Like, hyper-ultra-mega insane energy in an insanely good way. He works roughly 200 hours a day and seems sensationally self-aware. That’s where the ripples set in.

Josh Waitzkin does not have social media and only takes on 8 clients at once. Gary “The Chief Jet” Vaynerchuk takes on the whole world. Josh speaks of avoiding reacting, Gary calls reacting his religion. One is grounded, compassionately calming and sometimes stutters ever so slightly, always careful to use language as a precise tool. One emphasizes meditation, the other avoids it. The other blazes through you with an overwhelming blast of love, harder and faster than Thor and Zeus combined.

Their differences seem huge, but their awareness seems so incredibly attuned on both fronts that I’d be scared to see what kind of super-brain-child they could produce, should they ever connect.

The inputs they give lead to these ideas which ripple out, like these questions, which are ripples from listening to their points-of-views, ripples from having had insights into their respective worlds:

What would those two do together to benefit the world? If their joint work were to be put into a song, what would it sound like (would you like me to make such a song?)? How would they do, if they switched boards with one another (if you don’t get the question, listen to the podcast)?

These questions are the ripples. My inner waters were still this morning, when I listened to Josh. His thoughts and ideas fell into my inner pond like pebbles and rippled out and touched ripples produced by big rocks that Gary had empathetically, with all his brute force thrown into there as well the last few days leading up until yesterday.

My bet would be that the two would set out to revolutionize education. Both men are fathers with issues about the common education system. Josh has a wonderful foundation for education (anyone reading this planning to be a teacher, educator etc., the foundation is actually setting up projects right now and are looking for good educators. Connect with, if you are interested). Gary has great ideas on education (check out his book) and could help market the foundation in a huge way.

Another project could stem from the fact that Josh coaches huge investors. Gary is a succesful investor. So maybe that’s another area where they could connect.

Of course this is all theory. I doubt they will ever connect in such a meaningful way, but I’d like to think both of them could 10x there impact if they joined forces. But maybe I’m just playing armchair professor here and don’t really have any clue of what I’m talking about.

Nevertheless I find thinking these thoughts inspiring, I find them moving enough to write this blog piece, which is probably far too long by now. Why am I writing it? Because I want you to recognize that the stillness you cultivate within let’s you connect unconnected dots without disturbance. I write this because I love watching the ripples meet, create new shapes for a moment, then morph out again, slowly disappearing into stillness.


And then you choose a stone or choose who you let throw one into your lake and you watch new ripples emerge. Maybe this piece here moves you to watch the ripples as well. Should this be the case, I would like to thank you for reading here and letting me throw a stone into your lake. I do not take it for granted (plus, throwing pebbles into lakes is a lot of fun).



PS:  If you click on a link to amazon, you are going there via an affiliate link. If you buy anything there then, it won’t cost you anything extra, but lucky old me gets a tiny little commission. Just thought you should know that.


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