One pure thought

I write because writing requires me to be precise in my thoughts. Writing forces me to be clear and accurate and caring and full of love. Writing requires me to sit down, turn my phone to silent for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and focus. It works on me like meditation and like meditation makes me feel more connected. Unlike meditation you can be reading this written word here in the year 2024 and feel a connection to me, even though I might have morphed into a robot in the meantime and uploaded my soul into THE CLOUD. (Possible, but unlikely, if you ask me)

I like writing. I like reading. So when I write I have more to read. Going through my old note-pads, some of them 15 years old I find it astonishing what I have written over the years. Crazy stuff, things where I’d laugh if I heard people talk such nonsense on the bus. But among the five thousand terrible lines there might be half a line that shines a little from within.

When I stumble upon such a small extract of pure precision and love and care (and swag, baybeah), I become emotional. That one line encapsulates a feeling long gone, a version of myself not existent anymore. I listen back to beats I made in 2011 and wonder how (and usually why) on earth I did what I did. I can’t do it like that anymore. Gone. Zip. The past Chrises and the my present self share essential ideas and core values, but 99% on top is different.

I encourage you to write or Vlog or choreograph or design or record your singing daily. Through encouraging you I encourage myself. Let’s find one pure thought a day, capture it and, if you dare, share it. You might just save someones life.




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