Microphone check, one two, what is this?!?!


It goes so fast. I remember watching the Tribe documentary about 5 years ago and being so happy that the medical treatment had worked. Now Phife Dawg has passed away after all. I’m so sorry for his family and his Tribe and all the others who loved the man, the artist, the entrepreneur.

I actually wanted to write about my fear of visual art. That has now been delayed. Old feelings, really well known feelings overcame me, when I heard about Phife’s passing. It’s weird, I never knew the man, I am definitely not the biggest ATCQ fan on the planet, other musicians have moved me a lot deeper than he did, but I feel we all just lost someone special. I’ll take a deep breath now. Should you need me, I’m out, making music.

(the last sentence just reminded me of the best speech I think I ever heard called “Make good art” (Phife did). It is funny and full of love and by an amazing writer called Neil Gaiman. Check it out here, if you feel like being inspired.)



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